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Asset Tracking System

Be ready for your next audit. TheScanHub ATS uses QR barcodes to track your fixed asset inventory. It allows you take inventory quickly and accurately. Once the barcode tags are in place, keeping the asset database up-to-date is trouble-free.

ATS Tracking Process

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Benefits of Asset Tracking System

Taking asset inventory at ease
Still tracking and managing your assets in a spreadsheet? Why not start by tagging your assets with barcodes and complete your periodic audit at ease and have a complete history of each movement of the assets.

Say Goodbye to paperwork
Start scanning barcodes using either portable barcode scanner or perhaps your Android devices i.e. phone. Sync the data back to the server and run reports. No more tallying up paperwork and spreadsheet with ATS.

Up-to-date Data
Track every movement of the assets throughout the year simply by scanning the location, asset no and its custodian. ATS makes it easy to stay up-to-date even up to the attached files for every movement.

Are you ready for audit?
Auditing made easy by allowing users to scan barcodes of asset no for each location and to produce a comprehensive report showing the additional or missing assets in each scan location.

Track your repair and maintenance history
Tracking the history of costing coupled with the itemized list of asset repair & maintenance are now made easy with ATS allowing the users to record its data in accordance to its itemized billing that could be retrieved at anytime for cost analysis activities.

Warehouse Management System

From inventory control to order fulfillment, a WMS is vital to improving the efficiency of a company's warehouse operations. TheScanHub WMS is a comprehensive warehouse management system that could helps to streamline multiple functions of your enterprise.

WMS Process Flow

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Benefits of Warehouse Management System

Improve visibility of shipments that have been delivered by the vendors or other warehouses but yet to reach its final location of the warehouse. This will make sure items at low stock levels are staged and put away first, reducing the impact of out-of-stocks and inefficient order fulfillment processes.

It is the matter of "doing it right at the 1st place" and in this case, putting away all inventories at the right place in order for the system to route your workers to the right location during picking is vital. Moreover, with the use of the Capacity Optimizer, your warehouse space usage would be optimized to its utmost potential.

Improve the visibility of the inventory movement between warehouses or even production floors due to location transfer by tracking of Transfer-Out, In-Transit and Transfer-In operations

Improve error-proofing and productivity in the picking process. Workers receive their picks on a mobile device that routes them to the proper location. Scanning items when you pick them verifies that the right item at the right quantity is picked.

Ensure the accuracy and traceability of items that are picked and packed collectively into each packaging container e.g. cartons or boxes. Contents of each packaging shall be traceable by the unique code generated by the system to ensure visibility at all times even though each packaging is sealed.

See that each sales order or work order that were properly picked and are dispatched accordingly to avoid missed delivery of goods during the goods loading operation.

Goods Return
Improve accuracy and traceability of any goods return by the customers whereby each return goods are tightly linked to the shipment document at which provides a backward tracing route up to the point of goods received.

"To eliminate the disposal needs at all cost" with the harvesting of the full potential of a warehouse management system but if you still need it for clearing up the unsellable or unused items, this function for your command.

Cycle Count
The only way to ensure 100% accuracy in inventory is by counting your stock. Route your workers to the right location and goods, and start scanning barcodes.

Capacity Optimizer
A core component designed to govern the use of each bin-location to ensure the maximum use of its warehouse capacity besides other rules that govern the warehouse operations. The capacity optimizer shall kicks in as soon as the goods are received and being put-away and will be updated along the way during the entire warehouse operations to ensure its accuracy.

Hardware & Supplies

Mobile Devices

We offer range of mobile computers which feature durable design & reliable technology, ideal for your advanced data capture and mobility needs.

Barcode Printers

We have a full line of barcode printers to meet your organisation printing demands ranging from Direct Thermal Barcode Printer to Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer.

Wireless Solution

Our trained and certified product experts will help you implement a wireless network that is ready to accommodate the full range of your mobile devices in use.

Printer Labels

Barcode labels help you to easily organize products and to ease tracking. Let us help make your asset and warehouse inventory organized and efficient.


Can I use my own scanners?
Yes. If you have a scanner than runs at least Windows Mobile 6.1 or Android Kit Kat operating system, it will likely work. We can send software for you to test. If you’re not sure, contact us with the Make and Model.

Can I use my own barcode printers?
It depends. If you have a barcode printer that its driver software supports at least Windows 7 operating system, it will likely work. If you’re not sure, please contact us with the Make and Model

Do I need scanners with data entry capability?
It is highly recommended as scanners with data entry capability would allow you to scan the barcodes and enter relevant information onto the scanner before syncing back to the server for futher actions i.e. attachment of documents.

Do I need scanners with Wi-Fi capability?
Yes, if you wish to sync data on every completed transaction. Otherwise, data can be synced upon completion of the entire operation for the day at the workstation via a LAN connection.

What if Wi-Fi access points are limited?
Each completed transaction is saved in the mobile computer/scanner’s database and its data can be synced upon completion of the entire operation for the day at the workstation via a LAN connection or nearest Wi-Fi enabled area that connects to the server. However, active Wi-Fi connectivity is required for certain modules.

What type of barcode label do I need?
There are various types of barcode label to choose from depending on your needs. The most common type of label is the white polyester type with clear overlay lamination at which its materials and adhesives are designed to withstand 400F, and chemicals like grease and gasoline that helps to preserve the printing.

About Us

Our modest start began in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, in 2009 with focus on developing customised business applications and soon evolve with the launch of our first two AIDC: Automated Identification and Data Collection products in 2014, Asset Tracking System (ATS) & Warehouse Management System (WMS).

From that products came our brand name, TheScanHub, but more than that, from that products came the beginning of our evolution with a mission in mind to provide straightforward, error-free tracking methods that make our customers’ lives easier.

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